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Find India & Bangkok As Your New Destination For Medical Tourism!

EZZY International & Caring India combinedly take the pride to announce that we are going global with better service and facilities by a new name Caring BD. Now we are more experienced & capable in managing and catering all the various requirements of our clients health related issues, as now Bangkok has been added to the basket. Caring BD has developed a vast network and a pool of specialists’ doctors in both the countries and is confident to provide the best possible service.

Caring BD intends to be the leading health care facilitator in Bangladesh by providing a complete treatment plan with estimated costs, specialized doctor(s) for the relevant cause, and up-do date information regarding the hospitals across India and Bangkok.

For any kind of query please call : 01940-111166, 01940-111177

Address: 815, M.M. Ali Road, Sekandar Plaza (2nd floor), Dampara, CDA Avenue, Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Service Our: 10 am to 5 pm